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Tectonus is a structural solutions company offering innovative earthquake-proofing technology.  
The first of several technologies the company is bringing to market is the novel Resilient Slip Friction Joint (RSFJ). This next generation connection allows structures to resist earthquake loads and minimise damage by damping and self-centering.
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Feature project:
Nelson Airport Terminal

Tectonus is proud to be the supplier for the Nelson Airport Terminal.

The Nelson Airport Terminal redevelopment project commenced late 2017, designed by Dunning Thornton and Studio Pacific Architecture, the structure will prominently featuring timber with a unique roof that has been designed to mimic the western ranges.

The RSFJ technology will give the structure earthquake protection with the connection installed in the columns. The compact size of the connection allows for elegant architectural design and unhindered views out of the floor-to-ceiling windows to Nelson's beautiful scenery.

View the RSFJ Nelson Airport testing here.

The Resilient Slip Friction Joint ​(RSFJ)
A revolutionary connection that dissipates earthquake energy and restores the structure to its original position after each seismic event
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