The Resilient Slip Friction Joint

Introducing the next generation of seismic technology

The RSFJ technology provides a unique and innovative solution for improving seismic resilience of structures.

With the capacity to dissipate earthquake energy and restore a structure after both primary and aftershock seismic events, this compact joint is exceptionally scalable and can be implemented in all types of new and retro tted structures of various materials (steel, timber and concrete).

The key patented elements of the RSFJ technology include the unique groove geometry of the plates, high strength bolts with disc springs which together are responsible for the desirable self-centering and damping capabilities.


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Testing of Nelson Airport Terminal RSFJ 

  1. RSFJ shear wall - in plane
    Isometric view of the timber column rotating about its strong axis
  2. RSFJ Testing - Nelson Airport Terminal (1000kN)
    RSFJ Nelson Airport Terminal Testing - large scale glulam timber wall